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Why Go Solar?


Solar energy has become a hot topic of recent years, as more and more people are looking for cleaner, greener ways of using energy. Many New Zealanders are following the examples of countries such as Germany and the UK, in installing solar panels to save both on their monthly energy bill, and the environment.

Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert this into electricity. Technically, the photons (light energy) hit the solar panelling and are harnessed by photovoltaic (PV) technology. This causes the electrons within a semi-conducting material, on the panelling, to move. When this movement occurs, an electric current is created and electricity is generated. Although the winter months are truly setting in, New Zealand is lucky enough to have high levels of sunlight, making the country a great place for solar panelling to work. The most common use of solar panels in New Zealand is for water heating systems and lighting.

Solar power is a renewable energy; using zero harmful emissions that could impact the environment. Traditional grid electricity is powered by fossil fuels, which create long-term damage to the environment such as through their release of CO2. Solar panelling helps to avoid this, and reduces a household’s carbon footprint. It is estimated that by installing a 1kW solar system, you can prevent the release of 1.5 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year! In a 2018 report by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Systems, it was estimated that the energy used to produce the photovoltaic cells is actually paid back within 0.5 to 1.4 years. So the system effectively pays for itself.

Aside from the environmental benefits of such systems, installing panelling can help protect homes from volatile markets. Electricity prices can often be unpredictable. Solar system owners are finding comfort in knowing that they are creating a renewable and cheap source of energy, without worrying about changing utility prices. The cost of solar panels has also fallen dramatically since 2010, making it an increasingly easy option for sustainable thinkers with an eye on their budget.

The global demand for greener living and more research into the benefits of solar systems has resulted in a competitive market and cheaper prices. French Electrical are dedicated to finding you the right system, for the best price. For a no-obligation quote, or queries about our solar services, give us a call today.