Is Solar Panelling Right For You?

While solar panelling is a great way to cut down on your electricity bills and help the environment, they may not be the right choice for every household. Give us a call today to see whether your home or business needs solar, and take a look at a number of our key factors to keep in mind when looking for sustainable energy solutions:


Solar panelling is largely constructed on roofing, as these are the points likely to take advantage of the most sunlight. However, not all roofing will be able to support solar panels.

If your roof is largely shaded throughout the day, or shared with a neighbour, solar panelling may not be the right fit for your home. Another factor to consider is the structure of your roof. If your roof is in need of renovation, or will likely need repairs in a few years’ time, it may be best to sort that first. Connecting, disconnecting and then reconnecting panelling is a time and labour intensive process, so it is best to avoid extra time and cost by ensuring your roof is structurally sound first. For queries, get in touch with us today.

Financially viable

While solar energy can reduce your electricity bill given the correct circumstances, it is important to understand that different households may get more from their solar than others.

Circumstances affecting your energy uses will change over time, and over the life of your solar panelling system. You may be looking to retire, and therefore might use more energy during the day. Or you may use your home merely as a base and rarely use energy during the day. Changes are not always predictable, so thinking about your energy usage now and in the future is the best way to determine whether you will be using more or less energy.

Also, as solar panelling only generates energy during sunlight hours, the panels do not always produce enough electricity to last the day and night. Many New Zealand spaces with solar panelling are still connected to the grid. This means owners continue to purchase electricity when their solar systems are not generating enough to keep up with demand. Recognising energy usage, expressing your expectations, and remembering that solar panelling may not completely cut out your energy bill, will help you decide whether solar energy is best for you.

As noted by Energy Wise, some houses disconnect entirely from the grid and rely almost completely on solar energy. These households will often use batteries when their solar power is not enough. Using batteries may be an expensive exercise, but it is best to compare the price of this option with the cost of remaining on the grid. Energy Wise, alongside EPE Centre and the University of Canterbury have developed an independent cost calculator to help you decide whether solar panelling is right for your home or business. For any other cost queries, get a no-obligations quote from us today.


Most solar panelling comes with a warranty of 25 years or more. It is best to know how long your chosen panelling is expected to run for, and for how long your panels will be covered. This is also important to note if you are looking to renovate or change your roofing, as your panelling should be performing well for the next 25 years. For queries about the solar panelling we offer, and their warranties, give us a call today.

Power saving

Generally, we use more power in the morning when waking up, and in the evening when it starts to get dark. As solar production is most efficient during the day, when the sunlight is at its brightest, there is the potential to harness this energy and save it for later. At French Electrical we use Enphase Energy Systems, to ensure solar energy is not wasted. Enphase is a world leader in smart energy-saving technology, and is the only producer of integrated ‘solar-plus-storage’ solutions. For more information about our innovative products, get in touch today.

At French Electrical, we’re dedicated to finding the right solution for you at a price that works best; for a system that fits with your lifestyle and budget let’s talk. If you think solar panelling is perfect for your home or business, or if you have more questions, give French Electrical a call today.

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