Outdoor Security Lights

Security lighting with motion sensor lights is a good solution for every property type that requires comprehensive security day and night. This sort of lighting illuminates dark areas surrounding business and residential properties and can be programmed to turn on when motion is detected. 

Security lighting alerts people about suspicious movements around and saves electricity. Lights only turn on when a sensor activates them, and they switch off after a set amount of time.  

Types of security lights 

Well-designed lighting may enhance and bring your landscape and architecture to life. Lighted-up areas welcome visitors, improves kerb appeal, and deter intruders making the outdoor space more appreciated.   

Remember about front entrances and garage lights. French Electrical Auckland can install pathway lights to help prevent accidents and add motion-sensor security lights for extra safety. Our team of professionals can assist you with a unique lighting solution. Whatever the issue, we enjoy studying and discovering new inventive lighting concepts, and we are eager to find the ideal solution for your home.  

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Outdoor Security Lights


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Outdoor Security Lights


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Outdoor Security Lights


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  • Security flood lighting (including sensors and timers)
  • Spot lighting, blanket coverage, and ambient lighting checks
  • Electrical wiring of lighting and detectors
  • Wiring detection systems to alarms and other monitoring devices
  • Checks for likely intrusion points and any blind spots
  • Motion detector installation and local check
  • Installation of security warning signs to deter intruders
  • Testing of all detectors and lights

Sensor Lights  

Sensor lights are a great addition to any property. They give reassuring security in residential areas. Security light sensors in commercial and industrial areas are ideal for preventing accidents during nighttime and will protect property from intruders.  

Outdoor security lights provide safety and confidence to help prevent accidents, meaning no more wandering around in the dark attempting to find a light switch while your hands are full.  

LED Security Lights  

LED lights are an energy-efficient security solution for the more energy-conscious property owner. You can treat these like any other floodlight by connecting them to a motion sensor or leaving them alone. LED lights’ brightness and colour richness provide exceptional visibility at night and make an ideal addition to commercial properties.  

You can even take energy savings a step further by lighting your outside area with solar-powered security lights, which will save you a lot of money. 

Daylight Switches  

As an added security feature, we can install daylight switches in commercial buildings. These lights are activated at sunset and remain on throughout the night, illuminating your property and deterring would-be intruders. They’re also great if you have security guards on the premises after dark because they don’t need to be triggered by motion and provide superb visibility.  

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