Garden Lights

What is it about garden lighting that has such a significant impact on our lives? It serves a bigger purpose other than just lighting up our homes at night. Light provides a welcoming warmth, a sense of beauty, ambience, and safety.

One of our clients once told us that he couldn’t live without his outdoor lighting. We didn’t get what he was saying until he clarified that his lighting was something he didn’t notice until it was gone:

“I didn’t appreciate my lighting until the power went off one day. It was as if I had returned home to a stranger’s house rather than my own. I didn’t realize how important the lighting was until it was no longer there.”


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Garden Lights


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Garden Lights


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Garden Lights


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A beautifully illuminated house makes a huge difference when we are coming home in the evenings. The subtle charm garden lighting puts on our homes at night transforms the dark and menacing into the friendly and familiar. Even something as basic as a warmly lit doorway can make a difference when we arrive home.

Even though a well-lit patio is ideal for social gatherings with friends and family, 90% of the time, we appreciate the garden lighting from the comfort of our own home. Dark windows become living portraits when the landscapes behind them are set attractively in soft ambient light.


Low-voltage garden lighting enhances our sense of security while also making our visual space feel complete. When we use different levels of light to light the perimeter of our environment, we may improve our sense of privacy and seclusion by giving us more visual control over our surroundings.

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Outdoor lighting is conceptually similar to a smartphone – once you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to live without it. Sure, we remember life before smartphones, but now that we’ve seen how much they can help us, it’s tough to picture going back to the days of yellow pages and snail mail. In the same way, once we’ve seen our homes well-lit, it’s hard to imagine ever going back to the dark.

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