Winter Hacks to Get the Most Out of your Heat Pump


Are you getting a little hot around the collar because of your power bills? As the weather drops and bills rise, you may wonder: what is the most efficient method to use my heat pump? 

Heat pumps are one of the most innovative heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems available. They are also a more cost-effective solution than typical electric heating. 

To get the most out of your heat pump, choose an efficient model and use it correctly: 

  1. Select the best heat pump model for your needs.
  2. Make sure your heat pump is cleaned and maintained regularly. 

Continue reading to find the top five heat pump hacks that will make the most of your heat pump this winter.  



  • Clean the filter regularly  

Circulated air passes through a fine mesh filter inside the heat pump. If blocked with gunk, your heat pump’s heating function will have to work much harder. French Electrical recommends having it serviced by a specialist once a year if you use your system year-round and once every two years if you just cool in summer or heat in winter.  

Clean your heat pump filters every three months in between servicing by vacuuming away the dust. Also, keep the area around your outside unit clean by removing any leaves or weeds that have grown there. 

  • Get familiar with different modes 

One size does not fit all when it comes to heat pumps. Take some time to learn about the different heat pump modes and find an ideal for your home and family. 

In general, you should avoid using Auto mode and use a Heating mode instead. The heat pump tries to stay at a set temperature and switches between heating and cooling as the room temperature changes in Auto mode. These modifications can waste a lot of energy, making Auto mode an inefficient way to use a heat pump. 

Depending on the model, you could also use a “dry mode” to dehumidify a damp room when drying clothes or cooking. 

  • Consider placement 

There are two things to keep in mind – capacity and location. 

You will achieve the best results if the size of your potential heat pump will comply with the size of the space you wish to heat. Too small will have to work more to reach the temperature you want; too big will be inefficient because you will have to turn it off frequently to prevent it from overheating. 

You can install a heat pump in any room, though keep in mind that the location of your heat pump can have a significant impact on both effectiveness and aesthetics. Keep it away from any seating areas, such as right in front of a couch. It’s hard to relax with a direct airflow in your face. Note: use a high-wall heat pump for this reason. 

Choose a floor unit when wall space is limited or unavailable. Example: a bedroom filled with artwork or shelving and no extra space for a heat pump. 

Also, think about how much ventilation you want in your house. You may benefit from heat flowing into other rooms if the heat pump is situated facing a corridor or doorways to other rooms. 

It might sound too technical at first, but do not panic. French Electrical Auckland electricians will talk you through the best options for your home. 


  • Don’t leave the heat pump running all-day  

Even an advanced heat pump, running at full capacity all day and night, will underperform and fail prematurely in the long run. Give it a break now and then! Use a heat pump timer instead. Set it to kick on before you get up in the morning, so your kitchen is cosy and warm when it’s time for breakfast. Then again, just before you go home in the evening. This way your heat pump will be more cost-effective.  

  • Don’t try to heat too many rooms at once 

While many heat pumps can heat numerous rooms at the same time, this isn’t always necessary. Furthermore, heating your home this way may take longer. 

Consider dividing your home into sections and focusing on important “hot zones” like the kitchen and the bedroom in the morning. After all, getting out of bed is simpler when your room is warm. 

Set your heat pump timer for 45 minutes before bedtime in the evening and keep the heat in by closing curtains and doors. 

Looking for a cost-effective heating solution for your home?  

Working out which heat pump is ideal for you and your family can be difficult. Fortunately, you are only one consultation away to have a customized solution that’s perfect for your house and lifestyle. 

French Electrical, which serves the Auckland area, is a heat pump expert that can install your heat pump, and service it upon request. 

Book a consultation with one of our professionals today over the phone: 09 274 8082 or Contact Page.

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