How To Choose An Electrician

When it comes to choosing an electrician, it can be tempting to simply go for the cheapest option, however as Benjamin Franklin said – “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices is forgotten.”

So, besides price, what else should you be looking for when choosing an electrician to carry out your electrical work?

Reputation and recommendations

Where possible, look to use electricians that have been recommended by others. Ask trusted friends, family members, or colleagues, and check online reviews to ensure that the business you are considering has experience carrying out the type of work you require.

Good communication with the business is also essential. In your initial dealings with them, you want it to feel like it is a good fit, that you can talk to them easily, and that they understand your project vision or family situation. Being able to communicate easily with the business will help avoid any issues later on in the project.

Appropriate qualifications

It is vital to check that your electrician is licenced to carry out the work you are hiring them to do. When it comes to electrical work, registered electrical workers must hold a current practising licence. There are different classes of registration, and each class is limited to a specific type of work, for example:

  • Electrician — can do all installation work in your home
  • Trainee electrician or apprentice — can do installation work under supervision
  • Electrical service technician — can service your appliances
  • Electrical inspector — can inspect the work done by electricians

If you want an extra assurance, using a registered Master Electrician will ensure your job will be carried out by an experienced professional, to the highest standard – plus, when you use a Master Electrician, their work automatically comes with a workmanship guarantee.

If your electrician doesn’t have the right qualifications and licences, you might not be insured for damage caused by poor workmanship. You may not be able to get the certificates you’ll need for council sign-off or consents and may have trouble when it comes to selling your home. Worst of all – the work might be unsafe and have the potential to cause fires, electrocution and injury or death.

Make sure everyone is clear on the requirements of the job

Both you and the electrician you choose need to be on the same page, so before you engage someone’s services, make sure they are honest with you about all the jobs’ finer details. Ask questions to clarify that:

  • Your timeframe and budget are realistic
  • What you want done is possible for your house
  • They have done similar projects before — ask for references
  • They can start and finish when they say they can — ask what other jobs they are working on
  • Who will be doing the work — them or an apprentice or subcontractor?
Document the key details

Before you start work, it pays to document the key details of the job to have something everyone can refer to during the project, and update if anything changes.

Ensure your project brief covers the required quality and finish level, who’s responsible for what, and any contractual terms.

A professional electrician should provide an adequate level of detail right from the outset.  For example, specifying where lights and powerpoints should go, list all the different appliances, confirm the costs for various components, and detail any additional contractors required to complete the job.

All details should be confirmed before work starts, and anything very important to you or involving a lot of money should be agreed on and confirmed in writing.


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