Home Ventilation System

Home Ventilation System Installed By Trusted Electrians

Ventilation systems circulate air in a cross-flow pattern throughout the house. The purpose of this system is to deliver a constant flow of fresh air to maintain healthy living conditions in your home, not to lower the temperature.

Whole-house ventilation is critical for decreasing condensation issues commonly found in older Auckland homes that lack sufficient heating and are often cold. A correctly installed ventilation system will protect your family from cold, dampness, and mould, all of which can cause health issues such as asthma, viruses, etc.
Proper house ventilation also lowers your energy bill by keeping the air cleaner, allowing you to heat and cool your home more efficiently and save money.

The fresh air is moved from the outside of the house to the inside by your ventilation system. Filtration used in this procedure removes allergens and allows you to breathe better air.

home ventilation system

All sorts of house ventilation systems, including Smart Ventvand MoistureMaster, are installed by our electricians. Contact us for a free home assessment to determine which system is ideal for your home. Our electricians are Registered Master Electricians with experience designing and installing home ventilation systems for private and commercial properties, including houses, flats, apartments, offices, and enterprises.

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Home Ventilation


Our highly qualified team at French Electrical have the creative know-how, and only use the industry’s best products.

Home Ventilation


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Home Ventilation


We’re invested in our future. We believe in sustainable practices, to save you money and the earth at the same time. For more on our practices, give us a call today.

The cost of a home ventilation system depends on the model that best suits your needs, the amount of ducting and materials required, and how difficult the installation is. Give us a call to get a free estimate or a quote.

Our Registered Master Electricians can service your ventilation system.
If you are not looking for whole-house ventilation, we can provide our knowledge and instal a home ventilation system that matches your needs, whether you need to ventilate your bathroom or just the upstairs of your home.

Most of our customers prefer house ventilation and heat pumps since having dry air at home means you won’t have to heat it as often, and it’s more cost-effective than using traditional heaters in Auckland’s winters. The good news is that we can accomplish both. Here’s where you can learn more about heat pumps and air conditioning.

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What does a ventilation system do?

A quality ventilation system delivers a constant flow of clean air throughout your home, circulating it to ensure you are breathing fresh, rather than stagnant air full of allergens. A home ventilation system installed by us will protect you and your family from cold, damp and mould, and can be a preventative measure against respiratory health issues.

What is the most effective ventilation system for a home?

There is more than one effective ventilation system for your Auckland home. At French Electrical, we only use the industry’s best technologies, and our team has the know-how to install them to work at their optimal capacity. Systems such as SmartVent and MoistureMaster are leading home ventilation systems. When you contact us for a free home assessment, our highly-qualified team will determine the best solution for your home.

Is a home ventilation system worth it?

Yes, home ventilation systems have many benefits. They benefit your home by preventing mould and dampness, which looks unsightly and can damage the value of your property. They positively affect your health by providing a constant flow of filtered air. You can also lower energy costs as your home will be cooled and heated more effectively, thus saving you money.

What will happen if your house has poor ventilation?

Owning a home with poor ventilation will result in several issues. Dampness, especially in older homes, can be a big one. Condensation creates conditions for growing mould and leaves a musty smell in the air. Toxic mould and damp air can cause health issues if neglected. Poor ventilation can mean higher energy costs, thus making your property less valuable than a similar one with good ventilation.