Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

For a happier and healthier home, you require a comfortable living environment. That’s easier said than done in the temperamental subtropical climate of Auckland. The two most proven solutions to temperature control are air conditioning and heat pumps. With high temperatures rising and low temperatures dropping, aircon and heat pumps are increasingly sought after and becoming more necessary in residential properties.

Air Conditioning

Even on the hottest summer’s day, quality air conditioning units can extract heat from your home and cool it quickly and efficiently. Enjoy a comfortable temperature in the most humid environments and sleep soundly every night instead of battling the hot and sticky nights Auckland is known for.

Benefits of Air Conditioners

    • Renews and improves air quality
    • Constant pleasant room temperature
    • The most efficient way to cool homes

Heat Pumps

The best way to stay warm in winter is with a premium heat pump system. Unlike aircon, heat pumps can heat as well as cool, providing a versatile solution for your house. All year round you will be able to achieve and maintain a comfortable space with a temperature of your choice. 

Benefits of Heat Pumps

    • Lower running costs and long-term savings on energy
    • Less maintenance than traditional heating systems
    • Provide cooling during summer
    • Long lifespan

Why Choose Us

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning


Our highly qualified team at French Electrical have the creative know-how, and only use the industry’s best products.

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning


From planning through to conception, our aim is to deliver a clear strategy to achieve your electrical needs.

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning


We’re invested in our future. We believe in sustainable practices, to save you money and the earth at the same time. For more on our practices, give us a call today.

Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Installation

Installation matters when it comes to adding aircon or heat pumps to your home. By using French Electrical you are gaining expert installation from a knowledgeable and experienced staff. This guarantees a system that is optimally set up to achieve ultimate comfort throughout your home. We consider a range of aspects to ensure you get the best unit for your needs; from installation placement to materials used, unit brand and size and the size of your home to determine the best option for your budget. To get a bespoke solution or a quote, speak to one of our Registered Master Electricians today.

Your heat pump, like your routine doctor’s appointment, should be checked yearly to ensure its working efficiency. French Electrical can undergo this service and check electrical systems and mechanical operation of indoor and outdoor units. We will make sure that everything is in good working order.

* Keep in mind a thorough heat pump inspection can take up to an hour to perform.

Find out some Winter Hacks to get the most out of your Heat Pump here.

A heat pump system may not be suitable for all homes. Our electricians will be happy to examine your property and offer different options, such as home ventilation systems.

We offer free estimates and quotes. Contact us today to discuss your heating options.

From Small Fixes To Wiring New Homes

Whether you are looking for an additional power outlet or a complete redesign of your electrical system, our expert electricians are ready to help with all your residential requirements.

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